Swan's Island, Maine   44˚8'3.49"N 68˚26' 50.44"W



The interior of the light tower at the Burnt Coat Harbor Light Station has been transformed by a restoration project that was carried out between September and December of 2015 by Amburg Builders and Construction of Swan’s Island. In restoring the tower, the Town is following a detailed engineering cost study and workplan commissioned by the Town in 2013 and prepared by Resurgence Engineering of Portland, ME. To complete Phase 1 of the Tower Workplan, Amburg Builders:

  • Removed cupola window panes, repaired metal frames and astragals, so that the panes could be returned and professionally reglazed.
  • Removed the wooden wainscoting in the lantern room, restored it and replaced it.
  • Repaired leaks in the metal shell of the cupola.
  • Removed lantern vents in the lantern room, repaired, restored and reinstalled them.
  • Removed rust and lead paint from all wood and metal surfaces in the lantern room and the watch room, and from the stairs.
  • Refinished all wooden and metal interior surfaces with architecturally approved paints in historically accurate paint colors.

For a photo gallery with "before and after" photos of the interior restoration of the tower, click here.