Swan's Island, Maine   44˚8'3.49"N 68˚26' 50.44"W

Keeper Milan - family reunion at the lighthouse, stories and grave marker dedication.

Milan Family A LIGHTHOUSE STORY - There was a gathering of about 20 Milan family descendants on the island on Saturday July 1, to tour the lighthouse and place a U.S. Lighthouse Service marker on the grave of Keeper Orrin Milan, who was the longest-serving keeper at the Burnt Coat Harbor Light Station. Keeper Milan, his wife Nettie and their two children, Frank and Urla, lived at the light station for 35 years -- from 1897-1932.
Milan Family
Milan family at the keeper’s house -- then and now.
Milan Family
Milan Family In the ceremony at Keeper Milan’s gravesite (which is in the Grindle Hill cemetery, next to the Methodist Church on North Road) David Milan of Orono, ME, told a family story. Orrin Milan’s father, Captain Thomas Milan, fell overboard near Mt Desert Rock. The ship’s cook, whose name was Lindsey, jumped in and brought him to safety. When Orrin was born, he was given the middle name of Lindsey in honor of the cook’s brave rescue. Since then, every male Milan has had the middle name of Lindsey. David asked how many Milans present had Lindsey as a middle name, and several hands went up.

As the ceremony concluded, David placed the marker and his granddaughter Keara Milan - 6th generation descendant of Orrin - placed the Stars and Stripes next to the marker. John Bryan and Dexter Lee helped to organize the event. Milan Family