There’s so much to see at the Swan’s Island Light!

It’s not just the buildings! Though they are well worth a visit.

Come during open hours and see the Historical Society exhibit in the keeper’s house, which tells, through photos and narrative, how islanders and lighthouse friends worked to rescue the lighthouse from certain destruction. One of those early heroes was Roberta Joyce, who challenged Coast Guard plans to take down the light tower and put the light on a metal frame. Thanks to Roberta and those who followed, visitors today can climb the newly restored old brick tower, see the lantern, and admire the views through the windows in the lantern room.

The history is fascinating, the art is fabulous!

Swan’s Island is an artists’ colony! Our Island artists’ talents are on display thanks to an exhibit in the Keeper’s House which will change throughout the season. The exhibit begins on July 14, and features a wide variety of media from painting, to woodwork, to ceramics, photography, poetry and fiber arts. Some fourteen artists are represented, so far…. Some are native Islanders, others seasonal visitors and they all share a love of place!

The lighthouse buildings are open from 11 am to 3 pm, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, from July 14 until further notice. Check here for information about visiting Swan’s Island.


What Visitors Have To Say

What a magic place. Sun and moon glinting off the water. The lighthouse beam in the trees, the sound of a gentle surf when the tide is in. The bell buoy ringing in the channel. Wonderful sunsets.

- Mike and Kathy, September 2019

The view out our window - moonlight on the ocean, porpoises, giant owls - plus the sound of the gong, and the wild berries…truly a special experience.

- Rebecca and Rich, August 2019

The apartment is beautiful. And the view is amazing! We could not have asked for a better vacation. We plan to return!

- Ann and Dave, September 2018

Thank you to ALL who made our stay so wonderful and relaxing. To the Islanders who told of trails to explore, thank you! We look forward to returning to this little piece of heaven on earth.

- Heather and Jamie, September 2018

From the amazing Light Keeper’s House to the beautiful view from the porch of the same, the amazingly friendly people, and our daily hikes along this rugged Maine Coast. Everything was perfect.

- Leesa and Howard, August 2018

Everything is magical! This is one of the best vacations! Ever!

- Ronald and Janet, July 2018

The beauty you offer is immeasurable. The clarity of light, wind, and Downeast character here recharged me.

- Lee, June 2018

What a wonderful place! We were in awe the moment we arrived. What a quiet and peaceful location for a vacation.

- David and Lorie, June 2018

You truly have a treasure perched out here atop the rocks with the vast sea at the doorstep. We watched a bright moon spilling its light onto the water, listening to the music of the waves, and wondering anew at the stars emerging in the dark sky.

- Susan, September 2017

This has been a lifetime experience! The beauty of Swan’s Island can’t be described in words or photographs, for they just don’t do it justice. I look forward to coming back again next year!

- Lacy, September 2017

We just stayed there and it is tremendous. The view and setting are amazing. The quality of the Keeper's house (2nd floor) is excellent. It is fresh, well decorated, and spacious.

- Mary, July 2017

We are fortunate to have traveled to many places in this world, but still contend, by far, this is the prettiest place on earth. Stay in the keeper's house. You will not be disappointed!!!! It is special.

- Spencer, July 2017