Swan's Island, Maine   44˚8'3.49"N 68˚26' 50.44"W

New Grant - Hockamock Head Trails will be completed in 2013!


We are delighted to announce that the Town has received a grant to complete the last section of the trail system around Hockamock Head -- a return loop from the Burying Point to the summit parking lot.  This is the most challenging section of the trail system, and when finished, it will include about 40 stone steps and two water bars (the water bars are stone structures that control erosion).

The grant comes from the State of Maine Department of Conservation, Recreational Trails Program.  Total project cost for this section is $7,450 which includes a local contribution of $1,515.  Many individual gifts, large and small, will help to pay for the local contribution.

The trail builders will be a team from the Maine Conservation Corps (MCC), who will be on the island for two weeks in July.  They will also install an information kiosk at the summit parking lot and a bike rack near the keeper’s house parking spaces.   When completed, the trail system will total almost two miles. 

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the trails project, including the many volunteers who have cleaned up blow-downs, cleared brush, carried crushed stone, installed chicken wire on cedar log bridges, hosted the MCC, and provided massive amounts of support and encouragement.  It wouldn’t get done without you!

Contact: fosil@burntcoatharborlight.com