Swan's Island, Maine   44˚8'3.49"N 68˚26' 50.44"W

FOSIL Winter Update


Spring is on the way, and summer will not be far behind. Summer means lighthouse projects, so ...here is what is going on with plans for 2013.

Work in progress. Work in progress. Thanks to grants received last fall, a contract is in the works to prepare an engineering workplan for badly needed restoration work on the light tower. Several people are helping prepare interpretive materials on the natural history of Hockamock Head, and pamphlets should be available this summer. The FOSIL website will launch in March. Grant applications in the works, if successful, would provide funds to start restoring the tower (ie, implementing the engineering workplan) and to move the fog bell from the ferry area to Hockamock Head.

Plans for the summer. The keeper's house will be open this summer, with new exhibits, thanks to cooperation between FOSIL, SIES, the Historical Society and others. The Board approved a plan for managing activities at the keeper's house next summer that will involve part time work for two islanders.

On the construction side, the first priority is work on the oceanside porch. The next step will be to install a bathroom and kitchen downstairs. Other possibilities include work on the upstairs of the keeper's house, more work on the oil house and bell house, and some landscaping. On trails, we have a grant application pending to complete the final loop of the trail on the Burying Point side of Hockamock Head. If all goes well, that work should be underway in July.

Stay tuned. Watch out for the launch of the FOSIL website in March.